Preview: Gameweek 3

Gameweek is back after a long break, giving way to MCOBA futsal last weekend that ended successfully without blood.

We’ve seen magnificent comebacks, melancholic dramas and tested brotherhood in the past 2 gameweeks, and we expect to see more.

Especially for Class of 2002 and Class of 2001. The match would’ve been marked as relegation survival, if there is relegation rule in the league, lucky you guys. Both of them desperately need a win to stay competitive or at the very least, to stay motivated for more upcoming matches. 2001 may have an edge a bit but we all know the ball can roll to different way.

The mighty Olkoks will go against 9697, bringing with them a restored faith they gained when they beat the much younger 2002. Can 9697’s cheering squad stop Kushah from orchestrating yet another win?

The favourite, Class of 2006 will go up against the in-form, top-table Class of 2000. One of the two teams with 100% record, 2000 may face a greater challenge this week, facing the young and quick 2006. We can smell the aroma of a shop too, making 2006 such a strong opponent with young, energetic, quick and new cleats to beat 2000. Can 2000 keep their fiery momentum? Can 2006 stop PAJO3?

The other team with 100% record so far, Class of 99 seem to have so many tricks up their sleeve, releasing it one by one, beating each of their opponent in different ways, making them perhaps the most unpredictable team this season. But this week won’t be so easy for them, as Class of 2005 is well prepped with flaming spirit marching to take away a win. Can Dodot shine again after 2 impressive gameweeks? Has Ayee already made 3 duplicates of his IC? The Incredible Alias was the man in the first match and the shadowy Dwen in the second, who is 1999’s secret weapon this week? Could it be Syed?

Class of 2004 are looking sharper every week, with a great comeback to level up and steal a point in the last gameweek. They are definitely the team to watch, proving themselves leg-worthy after being crowned the champions of the MCOBA Futsal Veteran (?) Cup. Can they get their first win, against the sturdy Class of 2003, the team with the only players who can beat the unbeatable legend Mone of 1999?

MFL Predictions

C2002 vs C2001 (2-3)
9697 vs Olkoks (0-2)
C2006 vs C2000 (2-2)
C1999 vs C2005 (1-3)
C2004 vs C2003 (3-1)


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